Kayfactor also known as Hammed Kayode Alabi has over four years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earn a bachelor's of Science Education in Human Kinetics from the University of Ilorin Nigeria.

He also has over 7 years of experience in the educational sector. He started teaching at the age of 15. Hammed wants to see a world where young people can connect the classroom with the practical world. 

He is the founder of Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy - KLCA, a not for profit academy that helps underserved young people to forge trajectory for their career  and develop life skills using Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Mentorship and Advocacy. So far, the academy have engaged over 1500 high school students through organized mobile career symposia and one on one/group coaching/mentoring. Also over 130 youths enrolled in the online leadership and career session.

Hammed is the founder of  kayfactorinspires, an inspirational blog that helps people to rekindle their lost voice and connect with purpose. he offers coaching in leadership, sustainable development, career and public/inspirational speaking.

He has created mind training modules to help people live a meaningful and successful life. He is a specialist in reorientation and liberation of the mind.

He is also working as a casual volunteer with Graciella Foundation for the Girl child, giving them voice in Nigeria and he has been involved in sensitizing and educating girls on Rape, Vision, Leadership and Character Building.

Hammed was also selected to be part of the over 400 Young African Leaders that participated in the First African Youth Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit in Accra, Ghana.

In the past, Hammed worked with the National Youth Corps{NYSC}, a one year compulsory programme for all Nigerian graduates, through it platform, Hammed carried our six community development service projects to help the village where he served. focusing on Sustainable Development Goals(Good Health and Well beings(3). Quality Education(4). Clean Water and Sanitation(6)). Using SDGs as framework, Hammed trained over 250 on First Aid and Safety Education, provided hand washers for schools and trained and trained students on proper hand washing techniques, organized career guidance programme for secondary school students, introduces social clubs(drama, debate and dance) and conducted health risk assessment.

Hammed has volunteered as a fist aid trainer and deputy commandant to carry out humanitarian services such as visitation to the motherless baby home, juvenile home and providing providing them with foods and clothing. He has also trained young people, adults on first aid safety education under the Jurisdiction of Nigeria Red Cross Society.

Hammed was selected as a Youth Champion and Sustainable Development Partner to monitor the implementation of the SDGs in Africa through the Citizen Reports Initiative championed by African Monitor. He was one of the 30 young people who traveled to South Africa to participate in the 7 days Strategic Leadership and Advocacy Workshop to monitor the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Africa and Nigeria.

Hammed is also a  theplatform Young Professionals Boot Camp Fellow. He is a Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative, CYFI Fellow, a program of the U.S Consulate in Lagos. Hammed is a recipient of the Sozo - Appalachian State University (USA) Grant Writing Course Scholarship in Nigeria. 

He recently participated in the Y20 Regional Dialogue in Lagos organized by One Champions. Helping to add young people voice to the future of works by making policy recommendations that promotes innovation in Entrepreneurship and Employability. He has also been recognized by the Nigerian Youth SDGs Network, as an SDGs Champion through his work with KLCA ensuring that Young people in underserved communities develop life skills necessary to integrate into the work force. 

Hammed's Essay "My Story and My Dream" won the  Top 7 prize out of 513 entries in the Keenista African Youth Essay Competition. 

Meet Hammed, meet a Million.