How do you spend your day?

I was walking through Iyana Ipaja - Agege route and I saw some youths, adults chanting 1, 2 , 5.... I paused to actually know why they are chanting heavily. Then, I noticed it was a gambling space, where you have to guess the correct number and win some amount of money or things. Well, there was nothing I could do to stop them because they are already addicted and I am scared to be a victim...
I might get robbed or duped. But...I kept pondering on the why. Why are they so addicted? why have they chosen to spend their day gambling? Even many of this young people are graduates.

Well, I kept pondering and I noticed that they were frustrated people and these are young lads who after many years of schooling could not get a job. Some of them are people, who could not connect classroom with the outside world. Some are yet to find whom they really are, they are yet to find purpose. Some of them have even searched for job, search and search that they could only think of negativity. You could imagine, a young graduate would not think of anything than Mo fe sashe...I want to involve in cyber theft. Why? The economy has not given room for people to thrive.

However, even if the economy gives you no choice, its in your hands to decide how you want to spend your day and your life. Do you know how much I fought my mind after NYSC and Graduation. I fought it hard and against all odds, I chose positivity. I made sure I impact, I spend virtually my days inspiring people, sharing my write ups with my contact...sorry if I have bored you with my write ups. It's passion at work. I spent my days facilitating lectures online (WhatsApp) and I found purpose through all those things which gave birth to KLCA. Well...I am still fighting with my life but I make each day counts.

I am challenging you to challenge yourself to make each day count and avoid negativity. Review your life, your goals and decide how you want to spend your day.
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