Social Media for Social Good II

A lot of buzz going around here. Everyday people from different countries, places, races, social status connects with each other. 

So, every time I receive connection request from Africa, Asia, from the United States, Europe and my dear country Nigeria. I know that I am in for good. I am in for collaboration and I am in to learn from people and enjoy the diversity that comes with social media. 

Rather than concentrating on finding flaws. Looking at colors, educational background. We can use these platforms to promote social inclusion, economic prosperity and foster collaboration. 

I must say I have seen good in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. I have met mentors, collaborators, partners and  friends. 

Some of this people, I have not seen physically. Technology has shaped my life for the good. 

I have met people like Precious Ezere on Linkedin who currently serve as volunteer facilitator in my Academy to help young people in underserved communities to develop life skills. Met Adrian Samuel, who sent a book to ensure students can forge trajectory for their career, though I have not gotten the book, but that's the power in technology. 

I have also enjoyed the post and the knowledge shared on all these platform. I have seen people use this platform to advocate for social good. Many people have influenced policy through these platforms. Raised awareness about issues affecting our society. Enable at least one child to go to school, by raising funds and donations. Ensuring that the young boy in the hospital will not die. I have seen people raise awareness about the girl child and promoting social justice and inclusion through these platforms. I have had access to fellowships and top notch programmes. I have seen good here!

I have seen people drive the Sustainable Development Goals through Facebook. Inspire one to dream through twitter and use Instagram as  business office. I have seen people get their dream job through LinkedIn by sharing quality posts. I have seen people get into Fellowship through posts on WhatsApp. I have seen people organize conferences through WhatsApp and Zoom. Not only that, I have seen deals secured through Skype. I have joined knowledge driven platforms and access evidence based data through these platforms. You can add to it. 

However, I have seen the other and negative side, I have seen people waste their time sharing if you don't send this to ten person, you will die. If you send to five persons, you will get 1 million naira. I have seen people scam others through this platform and some trying to showcase their fake lives here. I have seen people plagiarize other people's post without acknowledging the author. Well, my advice for you is to stop, because you can never move forward and grow through that. 

Social Media is good. It's a place of sharing love, spreading kindness and solving many of the world problems. 

Social Media is good, If you do what is right. Remember, likes attract likes. 

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