I am Abnormal (Above Normal) Series 1

October 22, 2011, I was admitted to the university of Ilorin to study Human Kinetics. Reaching the department for the first time, I saw on the notice board the list of best students from 200 – 400 level. The highest of them all had a G.P.A of 4.13. I carefully examined myself and looked at where I was coming from. I was this person that was average when it concerns academics. I could even recall back then in secondary school that I love to debate, speak, talk but I could not connect with people. 

My English was a bit horrible. Although, I had started to work on me. 

However, seeing those people G.P.A motivated me to become extraordinary. Right on that spot, I talked to my inner mind and said to myself quietly, I will become the best. I started attending classes, making sure I submit assignments on time, reading ahead of classes and also teaching my peers. I was really working hard. When others were sleeping, I and my cousin are awake reading. I am an extrovert, so  answer virtually all questions posed to the class. That was one of the way I learned best and it works for me. People came to me and said, you will get noticed with the way you answer questions and your results might be poor. I said to myself, my results will not be poor, I will be the best. I believed in me and I believe answering questions would never harmed me. 

At the end of first semester 100 level, I had a G.P.A of 4.52. I was not happy with it because I targeted scoring A’s all through. I said to myself, I do not think I am the best yet. I have to work more. I don’t sleep when I am tired, I sleep when I am done. 

Most of this period, I do self talk and motivate myself internally. I challenged myself more second semester and I had a G.P.A of 4.58. I was the best students of my level  but I faced some challenges and setbacks. I won but I was not really recognized by the school. A classmate who was second to me with a G.P.A OF 4.51 got the prize. It was an error from the department. I would have fought for it, but I won by being abnormal (above normal). The guy that came second had no place he is living, he lived in the MSSN lodge. I said, maybe God wanted to use me to bless him.

He got the prize and got a free hostel. Well, I had a place I was living already and I was living fine. So, it was not a big deal. I just had to challenge myself more, to ensure he doesn’t surpass me. That was me. I was motivated more and became the best at the end of the second session (200 level) moving to 300 level. I became the best all through and won the departmental best graduating students prize. And as far as the department is concerned, my results stands to be one of the best, if not the best. I graduated with a 4.47 C.G.P.A out of 5.00 point scale. 

Stay tuned for the next series....coming up next Thursday! 

Be abnormal! 


  1. I am motivated... From the very first day I met you in person, and spoke with you, since then I believe you are meant to be great. Of which you are already on the path. Jeep soaring.

    1. Thank you so much my brother! I am very humbled!

  2. This is a vivid definition of the power of determination. Kudos

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  4. I just like your drive and motivation. Determined to be the best.

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