I am Abnormal (Above Normal) Series II

The second series is the brief story of my life during NYSC.

Fast forward, October 28, 2015, I went for NYSC and out of all corps member posted to igueben local government area, I was the only one that carried out a personal community development service project. When I was deployed, I talked to myself and said silently to me that, I do not want to be the norm.

I said,  “I do not want to be a normal corps member who will just serve and leave.” I said, "I want to be the best corps member" I said, “I want to impact the community.” 

That was the vision and I did achieve it. I carried out six community development service projects. I constructed a volleyball court, provided mobile hand washers and buckets for schools, trained over 250 students on basic first aid and safety education, organize career guidance program, carried out a health risk assessment for over 100 villagers and introduce social clubs (Debate, Drama and Press). I did all these stuffs but it wasn’t easy as you thought. I packed one and half tipper of sands within the community. I was assisted by three students. On a sudden day, we were packing sands and those students said they were tired, I said, I will continue, don’t worry. They were surprised by my resilience and joined me in packing again. I acted as the laborer for the construction. I was very dirty and look so leaned during this period. I even learned how to mix cement and sand. And fetched water to mix it. Underneath the sun and rain, I was working. I was strong and abnormal. With limited resources, I achieved all these. I fetched water, I packed sand while it was raining. I tore my bed sheets to make triangular bandages. 

I attended several youth meetings to seek for fund. I pitched my project over three times to the king and chiefs. I was asked numerous questions and I answered. My resilience made them to support me and I was linked to the Development Association. I walked from doors to doors and at the end of the day I was able to fundraise about $700(Money and Material Resources) to carry out the project. I believe I can do it and I came through. 

At the end, I got certificate of commendation from the state NYSC and letter of recommendation from the Royal Highness and my principal. My name can never be forgotten in Ekpon community. I was an abnormal corps member, above normal.  

However, I want you to pick some lessons from this project. 

Success is impact. If you want to be successful, you have to meet a need and help people. Several times, I seek for improvement, I seek to be a better person. I do things that affect my live and the lives of people around me. I am obsessed with improvement.
Why? Because I want to help others. I do not hide what I know, I teach and improve. 

During my undergraduate days, people asked me, why do you teach for free?  I said, “it is what I love and wired to do” I said, “it was passion.” The more I teach, the more I improve and become abnormal. Some of us need to be rewired to our passion.

Thank you for reading!
Watch out for the next series...next week Thursday!




  1. This was really great. If we all cultivate the habit of influencing our environment anywhere we find ourseleves the world generally and Nigeria particularly will be a better place.

  2. Who is normal and what is normal. We all feel, we all go through life examining in some way and then stepping out, coming back in. What is normal? Hammed

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