How do I get a platform to speak or showcase my unique talents?

In the past and recently, I have been receiving messages of people who want to become Public Speakers or get a platform to showcase their unique talent.

My response;

1. It's good to be a public speaker but you can't just be that out of the blue. You must represent something and you must have built your brand over time. So, the question is who are you? So for instance, I am a social entrepreneur and I run a non profit. In the process, I must have faced challenges. So, I have something to share when I am called to speak. It's your experience, knowledge and exposure that gives you the edge as a speaker. You can't just give what you don't have.

2. Seek platforms:

Find platforms to get your voice out. Sometime, you don't need the big platforms, the smaller ones give you the room for the bigger ones. An online lecture that you deliver may spark an invitation to a bigger conference or summit. Being a volunteer facilitator in a particular programme, may bring about being invited as a paid speaker to an international event. It's possible. One thing you should also understand is, when you seek these platforms, be prepared! Show up! and Add Value! When people see value in you, they would surely recommend you for those bigger platforms you desire.

3. Create platform

You couldn't get a platform to get your voice out. Create one and bring people together. Through that, you will get your voice out. However, without capacity you can't create platform. As Oyindamola Johnson would always say "Capacity trumps Title"

4. Share Quality Contents

One of the key ways to get your voice out is to share reasonable and educative content. People should always be looking forward to your next post. Be a great storyteller. See everyday as an opportunity to learn and teach something. Be ready to also share your imperfections along the line. Be vulnerable. It gives you  room to be human. Share lessons learned from event. Let people see you as an embodiment of knowledge. You might get the platform you have been clamouring through the post you share on Social Media. I became a virtual mentor to an international leadership programme in the UK through sharing quality content.

If you don't share what you do, nobody will think of you. Social media is a a great platform to blow your trumpet. If you don't blow it. Nobody will help you. Transformation will not happen in your little silo's and opportunities will not come and meet you in your bed. You have to show up every single day.

5. Stretch Yourself:

Seek for more! Learn more, Grow more! Take courses online, attend seminars, programmes and conferences. Build your social capital. Meet people and remember to always talk about what you do.

"In this space we work in, someone that you know, know somebody that you know or need."

Hammed Kayode Alabi © 2018


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