How do I get the Right Network?

For a long time I had wanted to write about this but time did not permit me to do so. However, today I have promised myself to share.

Recently, I started sharing on my WhatsApp status some young change makers doing amazingly well in the development space and a friend asked me, How did you know all these amazing people? How did you connect with them? How would I attract such people in my network? Another friend asked me that she needs to change her circle of friends but she is finding it difficult to locate them. I smiled! Like Sir Oyindamola Johnson would say, "all you need is all you have!" They are all within your environment. 

To get the right type of people, you have to focus on building relationships. You also have to work on two things, Attitude and Aptitude

Attitude is your character. Personally, I do not jump on people to connect with them. I give them space and time to allow me in. Sometimes, I intentionally attend programmes to attract the kind of people I want to connect with and when I meet them first. I don't ask for connection.

Sometime, I just politely say hi and introduce myself without getting their contact. Well, a good way is to have your Business cards handy. You can exchange cards. So after that day, I go online to send connection request and build relationship ahead of another meet up! 

One beautiful thing is, some may even request for a meet up beforehand. If you have a good wall. I mean you put amazing stuffs on your timeline. You will definitely be a good connection. Some time, take time to celebrate them. Wish them a happy birthday! Check up on them. These guys are human beyond the work they do and they want to be treated as such.

Another thing is to work on your aptitude. Aptitude is your knowledge and ability. Sometime, we attend events and we do not contribute. A mere comment and contribution may strike a connection between someone you had be willing to connect with. 

You should also prepare before attending any event. Some of us do not read about the events. Sometime, I tried as much as possible to read the topic to be discussed ahead. Not only that, read about the speakers coming.  So when I talk, I add value. People want to connect with people with value. Also, what are you willing to give to your amazing connections? 

Don't just be someone who want to take and take. You should be willing to help too.

More so, be ready to talk about your work and answer what do you do question! You get this often at event, when you meet like minds for the first time. Be prepared and be ready to always give this one minutes or elevators pitch about what you do. 

Ultimately, you meet like minds through platforms. Personally, I have met amazing people through programmes such a fellowships, summits, Bootcamps etc! This platforms will avail you meeting this people one on one! However how do you get this platforms? Read my former post ! Click Link

Thank you for reading and drop your thoughts and comment. 



  1. Wow,I got some hints here. Thanks for always inspiring your world

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  3. This piece of writing is helpful indeed. Good work bro

  4. Wow, this comes in handy. I badly needed this. Thanks great teacher.

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