Why you need to talk?


So on this beautiful day after traveling to Ghana by road to attend the African Youth SDGs Summit and not having any stipend to feed myself, slept hungry and woke up the next day to attend the programme. I met this young lady Oyindamola Aramide who changed everything. You know, I was on my Yoruba Attire with my orange Yoruba cap. And I was just all over trying to network as much as I could. I mean this is my first international trip. I was actually talking about my work and I was just so happy doing that. 

So, I met oyin and she asked, what do you do? Wow, what a great question. People who know me very well knows that I love to share. It was really a great opportunity to talk about my NGO and what we do for kids in underserved communities. I think from there Oyin sensed I was a community mobilizer and we exchanged contact.

I returned to Nigeria and as a very intentional networker, I reached out to Oyin and from there we were conversing and she also got to know more about what I do. So, on a sudden day I was at YPB fellowship program and I got a message from her to send my C.V. I already had my C.V on my phone and I sent it. 

Another day, I was on my way to a particular programme and I got a call from her to fill a particular form she had sent to me. They needed to select Youth Champions and she doesn't want me to miss out. I did fill that form. I filled it on transit and I am glad I took the sacrifice. 

I could also recall that one of the questions was have I participated in data collection of any sort and I could recall I worked with Samuel Patricia to find out about the effect of rape in the society. So I shared my experience and I was asked if I had traveled before, I mean I traveled to Ghana for the SDGs Summit. Whether it's by road or not. It's none of my business. 

I submitted the application and I don't know my referees were called until one of them informed me that he was called. It was then I knew the importance of ensuring that people whom you use as a reference must know about who you truly are.

I got a mail on a beautiful day that I had been finally selected and I will be traveling to South Africa all expense paid for the training. A conversation changed my whole life and not only just a conversation. It spark a journey of friendship and Oyin said to me last week that, "I am humbled that I even know you at all. You are going places for sure and I am excited to be able to say that we are friends and colleagues. Thank you!" Thank you so much for the kind words and motivation. 

I picked about five lessons from this story; 

1. If you are really passionate about what you do, you shouldn't be scared to talk about it. Sometime the opportunity we are looking for lies in the meaningful conversations we have with others. 

2. Don't just attend event! Try as much as possible to network and build meaningful relationships. 

3. When you connect with someone, don't just connect. Reach out! Send a Text message or Email. You may also connect on social media. 

4. No knowledge is a waste. A volunteering role with Samuel Patricia gave me basic experience in social research. Never undermine the power of volunteering. 

5. Put your work online, it enables you to attract a sponsor. If you don't, nobody would get to know about what you do and would find it difficult to speak for you in the room. "And many of the decisions made about you are always made in the room when you are not there" ~ Carla Harris

Hammed Kayode Alabi ©2019


  1. Having meaningful conversation in an event/serminar is key. Thank you for sharing this Mr Kayode.

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  3. Information is power,we must communicate to ha it.

  4. Oh wow.... I am honestly inspired! Thanks alot. Keep soaring higher... Indeed we need to always share our experiences....

  5. The first possible way to communicate with others.
    I'm so inspired.


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