10 Things Life Taught me This Year (2019)

1. Skills sometime isn't enough, you need people who will connect you to that opportunity. So don't get carried away in building skills that you forget to build meaningful relationships.

2. Don't just get people contact for getting sake, you need to keep in touch. It's not about exchanging business cards at conferences but about following up.

3. When you get a job done and you were not asked to send report. Send the report regardless. You are creating an impression.

4. Share and talk about your work. A sponsor is out there, watching. When the time is needed to spend their currency, they will and will speak for you behind the close doors but they can't if they don't have access to your work. Learnt this from Carla Harris.

5. Passion might not be enough, you may likely want to die if you can't address your basic needs. Like buying a bathing soap. It's hard but one thing I did is to cut my clothes according to my size.

6. A time will come; some things would not matter but you have to think about others. It isn't just about you. Help comes when we have an open hand.

7. There is always a connection between past work and current work. A time will come, it will all connect and make sense. Keep track!

8. It is not until people needs help that you help them. Sometime learn how to ask people if there is anything you can help them with. Volunteer even when you are not called. These are the little extra that makes all the difference.

9. Even if you have smooth ride in the past year, don't think that the next year will be rosy. You need to be prepared. I had a wonderful 2018, got a lot of opportunities, I was thinking 2019 would be great but I was slapped with a lot of rejections. I noticed that I need help. So I was vulnerable to ask for one. I learnt that seeking for help isn't a weakness but an invitation.

10. First 6 months, this year, I was complaining bitterly about rejections, I got depressed. Sometime don't keep it to yourself, open up, share with a friend. I called my close friends couple of times and we debriefed it. One said, "There is this opportunity I think you should apply to, try it and it changed everything" The last 6 months became great and I learnt that is not always over. Most times, the time we give up is the time the door is about to open.

Overall, you need people, you can have everything but people help us grow! People are watching and they are always place in spaces to help you.

Hammed Kayode Alabi ©2019


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