My Story and Graduating from One of the Best Universities in the World

My dad was raised in a polygamous family, somehow it affected his schooling but I think it did not deter him from raising his kids to be education elites. Despite living in the slums, my dad put us in the best schools and allowed us to have well rounded upbringing.

My mum was a trader, very passionate trader and would always ensure that we get the best dress! I never suffered from having what not to wear or what to wear!

I lost my mum, but it didn’t shatter my dad from performing his role as a father! At a point, he lost all he had labored for, but never lost his passion to see that his kids got the best education.

I could recall on a sudden night we moved to our apartment in Bariga, my father said, “We would not be able to afford what we used to” I could connect!

I could recall having to stay out-of-school for a whole academic term and my brother for a whole academic session! I could see the pain in my dad face, as he could not watch his children not go to school.

So when I see children not go to school it matters to me! When I see people not have access to quality health care it matters to me, when I see people not have access to social protection system opportunities. It matters to me! When I see people who live and grow up in the community where I was raised, it matters to me! More even when I see someone, a talented young person struggles to fulfill their truest potential it matters to me!

Today, I am graduating in one of the best universities in the world and it matters to me! It's a testament that our dreams are possible and valid!

It's a testament that every child deserve a chance, a chance to have access to opportunities that would change their trajectory forever. They deserve a chance to get a scholarship like I have gotten today.

It's an evidence, that no matter where you were raised, the circumstances you have inherited, you can make things happen!

It's a testament that, even in a country like Nigeria, where the odds are against you and your dreams seems impossible that I can dream!

My story is part of the larger African story! As president Barrack Obama said in his speech ”I stand here knowing that my story is part of the larger American story, that I owe a debt to all of those who came before me, and that, in no other country on earth, is my story even possible.”

I owe it to those who have supported me along the journey, who have invested in me to be better and trusted me to pass the baton down!

As I continue to learn in the space, I continue to hope to help other people cross and change the circumstances they have inherited.

Caption: Proud to have graduated from the MSc Africa and International Development programme at The University of Edinburgh through the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship



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