The letter to my Mother

Dear Mother,

I hope today you will look down on me with great pride and you will be proud of what I am becoming.

Photo Credit: @UNESCO Transforming Education Summit

I know you left when I was 7 and you had a great dream for me. You imagined me having a great education, wearing the best dress, and living a life well deserved. Though, things went south. Life didn't turn out the way you have imagined but I found mothers in many different people. I found friends and confidants in many. I found family in strangers and I also found family in family.

Though there were sometimes I thought it would be easier to lean on your shoulder, to cry a little bit more, and to just share every single challenges and success I am going through but I have found comfort in leaning on other people’s shoulders and be a little vulnerable in sharing. Somehow I found a way to live and I am very sure you will be proud of me.

Mother, you had mentioned that “I was born during the Market Days” meaning, I will go on to be an active young man. Yes, I have been active in making good troubles and creating change in my little way. Though the journey to choosing such a life was difficult. I was confused at some point but the confusion was part of the journey. It made me understand what I am wired to do better. It made me understand that life is beyond living for oneself only but living for a cause greater than ourselves and this is the life I have chosen. To support one child. To help someone who probably most have lost one of their parents or both to access quality education or those whose circumstances are difficult. To help them cross a little, to relieve them a bit, and to be a small piece in their jigsaw puzzle.

Mother, this is the life I have chosen and I hope you will look down on me with a great pride and see that all your wishes are coming through one after the other. And I will continue to live with utmost integrity and be humble to remain focused on the path I have chosen.

Hammed Kayode Alabi (c) 2022


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