Kindness can be learned

I have learned over the years and over time that anything can be learned.

Kindness can be learned and we learn kindness by being kind and acting kind. By putting it into our consciousness and constantly reflecting on what it means to be kind.
I know sometimes as humans, it is easier to want to get angry or mad at someone and somebody but the ability to reflect and respond with kindness is what makes us humans and anyone can learn it.
The ability to gently say No and either offer alternative support or probably just let people know that you are sorry you can't be there is kindness.
Kindness is not what only a few of us can have, we all have that capacity to be kind.
This is the same with caring and what creates such a culture is when we see others act with kindness and care for others as well. Either for a cause, a person, or someone on the left or right side of them.
I used to think I am kind or caring or people used to mention how altruistic I am but the truth is people have shown me what it means to be kind. The people I work with; the strangers that I sometimes meet randomly and just ordinary people show me what it means to just be there for one person.
Hammed Kayode Alabi (c) 2022

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