My Role at the British Red Cross

09/11/2022 happens to be my last day at the British Red Cross as the Young Refugee Project Coordinator for the Hammersmith Refugee and Befriending (RnB) programme where I support young refugees and asylum seekers within West London and its environs to develop life skills, increase their confidence and develop their English language skills in an informal setting.

It was 9 months of learning, designing weekly life skills sessions, and summer trips to ensure they are able to integrate into the UK and develop skills that would make them capable adults. I mean recently we had a partnership with the English Football League (EFL) and I took some of our young people to play football with the Queen Park Rangers Community group and also watch a match between QPR vs Reading. It's really great to see how they come out of such programmes or outing with so much energy, and just brimming in smiles. It is always great to see those wonderful smiles week in, week out and how they are being hopeful despite the adversities and challenges that they face in accessing local services, education, and opportunities to live a well-rounded life.

No matter what is happening on the outside, once I meet these young people, sharing, eating together, and playing games together just rekindled my spirit and believe that the future is bright and the people who will bring that change are these young people.

In one of our recent trips during the half term, one of the young people said, “Everytime I get to talk to you, there is always something new I get to learn. Thank you very much Hammed” Another said “You are a good person Walahi” Tears nearly roll down my eyes hearing that and it shows how I am going to miss this crew but it also reinforces my belief that change is not in the big things but the small things that we do consistently that translate into bigger impact.

The British Red Cross RnB models what a youth community group should be and look like for refugees and asylum seekers and I look forward to continuing to engage with the community.

Grateful for the opportunity to work and serve here

PS: Started working part-time with the British Red Cross Young Refugees Service team at the beginning of March and Iam grateful for the experience.

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