Build Resolution Around your Problem

For every problem, there is a solution. Whenever I encounter problem, I used to make sure I build a resolution around it. I could recall after my secondary school, I could not compose a very good essay. It was a huge problem. Even, my confidence dropped in speaking as I was told I couldn't make correct sentences. I felt so sorry for myself and I have been embarrassed coupled of times by people. I said to myself, I needed to find solution to this problem and I did.

I started by practicing simple English and checking whether what I have written made sense or not. Sometimes, I try to translate it to Yoruba, to avoid what people call Yoruba English. And, after a while I improved but I never stop learning. I even went to the extent of learning some certain rules. Well, to cut the story short, after some months of practice, I could easily put words together and everything started making sense. Another period was while I was doing many different things and I was looking for what I could be known for. It was a big obstacle. So, I had to take my time and start analyzing my strengths and interests. I noticed I was more of a liberator. I noticed I motivate, guide, and help people live a meaningful life. And, I best do that through Speaking, that was how I choose public speaking to complement my vision ditto inspirational writing. So, Kayfactor anywhere is known for Leadership, Youth and Career Development. And, I best communicate this through speaking and writing.

However, you might currently not have a job, you might be going through hard times, you might see yourself as getting older as well as you are frustrated about life. No matter what piece life throws at you, you can pick those piece together and create a masterpiece. All you need to do, is build a resolution around the problem. You own your life, nobody owns you. It's your life, you decide how you want to live it. It's you that will decide whether you want to allow other people's talk ruin you or challenge you to become great. The best way to kill insults, is to keep producing results. Life is an invitation to contribute and not to consume, if you do not contribute, you will surely get consumed.

Build resolution around your problem and live. Thank you for reading!
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  1. Hmmmmm. Noted. For every pieces life throws at you build up a masterpiece. Thanks so much sir

  2. Hmmmm. Very wonderful write up. Thanks for sharing this. Please permit me to have a chat with you on whatsapp sir

    1. Why not? Kindly send a message via the contact session of the blog. Inclusive your WhatsApp no. Thank you!


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