When will you stop saying I will start next week, I will start next year, I will start after my university education and I will start when the time is right. The time can never be right, because you have to start now, do not allow Analysis Paralysis and procrastination to destroy you. I am not saying you shouldn't plan but don't analyze too much. Many of us have great ideas that can turn us to a multi billionaire but we kept procrastinating and we kept saying I will start next week.

Take a look at your life, how many Monday's have passed you by? Start counting. How many years have passed you by? Oh...I am too old to start, I will start when I am forty(40). Friend, it's time to wake up from your sleep and stop dreaming. The best things in life normally lies in where there is risk, so you just have to start moving. The moment you start, there is no going back. Fall down at 7 get up at eight(8) and there would come a time where everything will be easy and you start feeling amazing about the person you are becoming.

Throughout your primaries, you were busy dreaming, we say we want to become medical doctor, lawyers and likes. We would say we can't wait to be admitted into secondary school. After secondary school, we kept dreaming about course to study at the university and after university... There is no dreaming again, its now real...you have to start acting and stop saying I will start next week. Many have lose many opportunities as a result of this...I have done that in the past too but I wouldn't make such mistakes again. I will start now, not next week. Thank you for reading!
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  1. Thanks for inspiring me this morning.

    1. You are welcome dear. Keep moving, never give up. Fall down seven get up eight. Without commitment you will never start but more importantly without consistency, you will never finish, ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship~ Denzel Washington.

      So, keep moving. See you at work.

  2. Muhammad Fatimah17 October 2017 at 01:47

    This is inspiring


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