Pay the Price

When one becomes successful, it seems one has never worked hard, hustled and grind for the dream. If you ever want to become successful, you have to earn it and pay the price. Being successful will take your sweat and get you thinking all the time. You may have to think, when others are busy playing. You may have to stay up late in the night, when others are sleeping. You may have to pursue your dreams, when others are busy living a life of security and mediocrity.

Most times, people want success as bad as they want to breathe but they don't want to earn it- Eric Thomas. They want to take the short cut. They want temporary success without lessons. They don't want to face hardship. I know of a friend, Fatai Rasheedat- CEO Saras Event. Rasheedat stretches herself tirelessly and she has been paying the price for her dreams. Is it how she prepares all night to ensure she holds her online curlinary class? Or is it how she educate people for free on catering services? This young vibrant and ambitious lady have to deliver services that would earn her just a token not profit. She does this just to promote herself. She is paying the price big time.

As a student, you want to be the best or you want to overtake the best, you have to pay the price by burning candles. Every successful story comes with a price. I wanted to produce some motivational videos but the bill, I couldn't pay. I resorted to Viva video and often burn my data bundles to create those videos. I had to subscribe often and often just to keep updating my blog, social media handles, just to ensure I am consitent with my dreams and to keep you motivated. Paying the price means you have to be committ ed and consistent with your dreams.

Book. T. Washington told a young student, who was struggling and overtaken with thoughts of ending his education. He said, "if a man would reach the highest success, he must pay the price himself. Do you long for an education? Have you gotten the stamina to continue your studies when you are too poor to eat? Will you rise at day break and study till sunset long after others have retired? Will you black boots during the day and quote Latin at night? Do you love learning enough to walk ten miles to borrow a book you cannot afford to buy? And having no money for books, will you borrow the texts and memorize your lessons? If five years or ten years amid want and woe, too long to spend perfecting your craft?"

"Washington continued by probing the young boy to bless his race by paying the price. How much can you endure? It is true each of us hopes to achieve, but this is not enough. Success is the offspring of drudgery. A man must be self made before he is ever made!"

The question now is, are you willing to pay the price? Please if you find this helpful. Drop your comment.


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