The Youths and the SDGs

I am glad to be part of the maiden African SDGs Summit at the Kofi Annan institute for Peace Keeping Center (KAIPC), Accra Ghana. It was a wonderful moment as I was able to connect and network with young leaders accross Africa and the world doing Amazing work. It was a two days summit but the experiences were memorable. I had like to share the talking points of the sessions and my experiences at the summit.

1. The world is a global village, if you have nothing to offer, you might not go far. The world wants you to transform the world and help solve a problem. I am quite surprised that, even the speakers from other countries are conversant with issues happening in Nigeria and other African countries which shows the relevance of data collection and Internet. The internet is important and you can get data's and reviews that will help give insight to your work.

2. I think we need to start taking actions on the SDGs and likewise more awareness needs to be done concerning it. We just have 12 years left, so let's ask ourselves, how far have we gone? Where are we now? And where are we going, the bigger picture in attaining Sustainable Development? However, what is sustainable development? Sustainable development is meeting the needs of the people and also meeting the needs of future generations to come. Yvonne Dioka Said, "you have to develop yourself and build capacity. You have to understand the goals. You have to create solutions and you can't get Leadership on the platter of gold, you have to earn it." The SDGs are goals for everyone and will lead to reducing inequalities and poverty by 2030. It is made up of 17 Goals, that can be summarized below; It involves:

The goals required not leaving anyone behind and it involves creating a prosperous nation where every citizen can thrive and a secured planet both in land and water. To ensure peace and justice for all. And, to work together as one. Then, duty bearers should involve youths as core partners. Then, the inclusion of women in leadership and create a better world for all.

3. Nahmla Mangaliso said, " Voice and Challenges means nothing without action." But I must confess to you that with the vibrancy of the over 400 youths who were presented at the summit. I believe in a greater Africa and a better world.

God bless Africa
God bless Nigeria
God bless the whole world.

We can change our world, only we can. Ban- Ki Moon, former UN General Secretary said, "You are the first generation that has real chance to end extreme poverty and you are the last to have the chance to reduce climate change."

Let's do this guys, we are strong and powerful.
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