Power of Goals

The Power of Goals

Around last year December, my life was tearing apart. I was crying deep inside. I said imagine me, the best graduating students of my department. I had no job, I had nothing. I mean I was nothing. I could not even boast of any achievement. All my past achievement were gone. My Curriculum Vitae (CV) was filled...4 pages when I compiled it but still
could not land me a Job. 

Around late December, I prepared my goals. It was one of those days I had decided to take over my life. I had my resolution for 2017. One of it was I am going to create a website or blog for my inspiration articles. Which I started with little or no knowledge about digital skills. I created a Facebook page. Many times this year, friends have challenged me to create a blog. Even some said, you are disturbing us with this your write ups. Step up and do something. But they could not see what I am seeing.

Again, I could recall someone said to me, he said, "will this your inspirational articles really pay off." I could not give a definite answer but I said yes silently. You need goals, daily goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and yearly goals. My inspirational write ups geared up from those daily articles and I improve everyday. 

Goals are important. When you have a dream, it remains a dream. When you write it down, it become goals. Goals propel actions and before you know you act naturally and you attain the ultimate.

Unveiling to you is my website, visit www.kayfactorinspires.com to awaken your inner self and connect with you. 

Guys, you need goals, we need goals. 

Goals are powerful.


  1. Awesome one brother....continue to grow

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