Get Back Up

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Get Back Up
I know you are facing some hardship trying that new stuff, your big idea. You are so down and you have failed on and on again trying it. Even, you feel loneliness in it and there is no one to help. You even have no financial backing and nobody believes in you. You are crazy to many because they could not see what you see. They could not see your dreams and vision. You are about to give up. You wake up so early but you couldn't do that anymore. I need you to get back up.

Life has shown me. It gave me a hard knock but I fought. I got back up. Yes, I got back up. The times people told me, you are next to nothing. You are not academically sound and some even said it to me facially that you are a crammer. Some said I was fake. I was down but I had to get back up to prove them wrong. What is ahead of you is greater than negative criticism. You are born to be great. So, if life got you down. I need you to get back up. I did. I got up. After graduation and NYSC. I couldn't find hope and you know I had no Job. Some even called to mock me. They will ask, where are you working now? What are you doing now? They wanted to know about that Best Graduating Students who did well in school but couldn't get a Job. Even a lecturing Job. They wanted to laugh at me but I proved them wrong. I have a vision, nobody can see except me.

I need you to get back up. Did you fail a course in a semester and you are devastated about it. I need you to get back up. You have spilled and splashed and you felt your University life is over. I need you to get back up. You have missed several opportunities to reach out to more people because your organization is not registered. I need you to get back up. You are finding it difficult at your work place, as your employer find nothing good in what you do. I need you to get back up. You have applied for a fellowship 6 times now and yet to get any reply, I need you to get back up. Your life is beyond what other people say about you or how many times you have been rejected. There is more to your life.

I believe, there is more to what I am currently doing, there is something greater ahead that I cannot see now. There is something bigger I would be part of and I would be proud of in the future. I will get back up, no matter how much I am down.
If you believe and truly believe in your dreams. I need you to get back up.
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Kayode Alabi
Social Entrepreneur| Career Coach| Public Speaker.

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