Rise Above all Circumstances

Everyday we blame our environment for our misses but we never tend to look inwards and see the greatness in us. To become great, you have to got this and that is courage. Oprah Winfrey rose above all circumstances to become whom she is today. She was raped at the age of nine, she was molested by her family members at the age of 10, she gave birth at the age of 14 and the baby died prematurely, her sister was adopted, her brother died of HIV/AIDs and since then she decided to take over her life.

She was employed and lost her job and later she hosted a morning show, through persistency and consistency, she has been known all over the world. Oprah now worth about 2.9 billion US dollars, one of the richest African American, one of the most influential woman in the world. She brought together the pieces life threw at her and she created a masterpiece.

I know some of us are going through hard times, we have been through several challenges. Some of us have been robbed, we have done odd jobs, we have labored so much that we are tired of living. But I want to tell you something today, rise above all circumstances and become great. Even some of us have been rejected in different and many ways. I could vividly recalled after my secondary school education, I applied for a teaching job and I was put on a 3 days trial and after the third day, I was told teaching is not my way. I was told I had no charisma but I knew deep down my heart that I am a teacher and after that day, I became a wonderful teacher.

Life will always challenge you but never give up on you. Keep moving no matter what and rise above all circumstances. I do not know of your story but I know majority of successful people had been through setbacks that has led to their major breakthrough. See your setback as a stepping stone to greatness. A friend and role model said, "Keep doing what you are doing, keep impacting because there is one person who is benefitting from what you do and it may be funny that the person is you." Hence, make your life count and rise above all circumstances. Thank you for reading! If you find this helpful. Drop your comment below.

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