Reaching the Point of Value

I was at Mepog Computer School, Matogun Community, Ogun State today to talk to young people on how they can discover purpose and forge trajectory for their future.

Here are the talking points and I believe we will learn and pick on or two things from it.

To live a successful life and find purpose. You have to do four major things.

1. Self Awareness: you have to understand whom you are. Ask yourself who I am? Who is Kayode? Eniola? Chinedu? Find out about your interest, strength and weakness and write it down. When you understand you, find out the environment you can best function and what you need to change in you to reach the point of value. If you fail to see value in yourself, you cannot add value to you and others. Find out your passion and bring out purpose from it.

2. Attitude: Attitude will take you to places, you have not expected. What's your attitude towards life, people, money, work and service. In pursuing your purpose, you will fail, how do you cope with failures. Motivation can keep you going but discipline will keep you growing. How many books have you read? You have to discipline yourself and dedicate your time to grow everyday.

3. Skills: what kind of skills do you need to grow and reach the point of value. Leadership skills, emotional intelligence, digital skills, money management skills, big picture thinking, creative thinking...and so on. Certificate isn't enough and talent too. You need to acquire some specific skills to reach the point of value in your chosen field or career.

4. Altitude: The kind of people you roll with, will determine the kind of place you roll to and opportunities available to you. The kind of person you will become in the next five years are the kind of friends you keep. What are your circle or friends. Your network, they sustain you. Your network is your networth. Attach yourself with people of purpose, so you can be conscious of your vision and help each other grow.

Ultimately, what keeps you alive- Purpose
What nourishes you - growth (books, environment...)
What sustains you- people (Network). Thank you for reading! If you find this helpful, drop your comment below.

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