Small Things, Small Events

I was part of a WhatsApp group and I was asked to deliver a lecture by the admin on thriving as a start up. I didn't hesitate, I accepted. I went ahead to prepare for the lecture and I did delivered. After the lecture, I received several commendations and I was surprised what happened next. A young man chatted me up, he requested, I be the guest speaker for a program at Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan.
I did grace the occasion and the experience worth the while. Little things count. Small things might open the door of greater and bigger opportunities for you.

You don't have to be extremely rich before you impact, you can do little things to better your life and your Community. The person you positively interact with in the bus might be your business partner you have been longing for. The seminar you attend every Saturday might unlock the opportunities you have been looking for to intern or volunteer. The little word of motivation you drop on your wall might land you the opportunity to talk with great minds. The little Volunteering you do every weekend might get you that international recognition you have been grinding for. Small things and small events count. It brings about bigger opportunities.

Take your time to do small things and attend small events. TD Jakes said and I Quote "Every person who attains significance in his or her field of endeavour had to pay some dues to get there- working low-paying jobs, working for free as an intern or volunteer, or giving faithful service on a job even while the boss takes the credit. If you pray and ask God for an oak tree, the Almighty might send you an acorn, because big things can come from small beginnings." Thank you for reading!

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