The last time I checked your Facebook and Instagram page to know what you do, all I saw were pictures of you with several poses and, some other people tagging you with kisses. Your social media networks are your brand, it showcase whom you are and the world get to see your work through it.

I read online few months ago about someone who made thousands of sales via Facebook only. Then I realized the power of social networks and how it can help you reach and network with people from different part of the world.

However, recent studies showed that the estimated users of social network/media are 2.51 billion and will skyrocket to 2.82 billion in 2019. It was also reported that we have 316 million social media users in middle east and Africa. New data shows Facebook remains a popular choice for Nigerians as 16 million of its population visit the social media platform every month. These studies indicate you can have over 10 million customers online. I know many would say it is not visible and possible, some would say it is stupid, but I believe it is possible through persistence.

Let the world know what you do, you never can tell who is benefitting from your work. If you are a fashion designer, let us start seeing your work online. If you are a writer, let us get to see some of your work. Personally, social network has boosted my self image as people acknowledge my work and have got to meet amazing personalities. Through social media, I had opportunity to take leadership courses for free, network with amazing individuals across Africa and the world. So, the question now is, what does your profile on social media says about you? Grab a seat now, pick up your phone or PC, reset your privacy settings and review your profile. Let people get to know what you do. Remember, you don't become great to get started, you get started to become great. So, start now. Thank you for reading!

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