What do you do?

It is very common that the first question people ask you when you meet them for the first time is what do you do? And you will be confused and do not know what to say. The question what do you do, open doors of opportunities to those who are prepared and actually doing something. What do you do; is an avenue to share with angel investors, prospective customers, sponsors or partners about your work, but if you have nothing doing or you are managing somewhere, what would you say?

A friend shared the story of a guy with me few weeks ago. I thought I should share with you all as it is related to the topic of this article. He said, "The guy was traveling back to Nigeria from a trip abroad and sitting next to him was a man. The man asked him, do you know me? He said, no sir. I don't know you. The man asked again, do you know the Governor of Plateau State? He replied No. The man said, I am the Governor of Plateau State and the guy had to quickly show regards. The next question asked by the man was, what do you do? And as an intelligent and prepared chap, the guy talked about his work and how he has been helping graduates through seminars. Also, the guy talked about his book to help graduates become employable and the Governor requested for a copy. After which the Governor requested the young chap to supply all corps members in Plateau State the book and that changed the guy's life."

Often we complain about us not getting lucky or not getting the opportunity required. Reason is because we have failed to blow our trumphet. Tell people what you do. To let people know what you do, you must have what you do. Anybody can ask you anytime and anywhere about it. The guy must have responded that, currently I don't have anything doing but I am managing in a company. He would have said, if I get a better offer, I will leave. And that would depicts that he lacked focus and have no vision. So, instead of managing, find yourself and ask yourself what do you do and what you can offer which people can pay for?

Now, go to a serene and quiet place, get a piece of paper and pen. Ask yourself intently, what do you do? Write down your thoughts and find the true you. Please if you find this beneficial, kindly drop your comment below.


  1. Nice one sir. Always getting inspired by your posts

    1. Hey...Thank you very much man. I am glad you are inspired. Thank you for reading. I appreciate.

  2. it's now downs on me to find some thing to do for humanity proportional to my life.


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