You know, I used to take this statement serious but never too serious, until a point I was rushed down to the hospital. I began to think about the impact have made and the one I am yet to. I began to think about I running up and down, trying to become great, earn certificates, impact and live and the moment I thought of death, tears rolled down my face. I said to myself, is this the end of me, Kayfactor? Then, I have to challenge this fear which sometimes kill dreams and that is fear of death and I never lived.

Although, at a point, I was a bit happy thinking about things have done, those I have impacted but on the other hand I was thinking about those whose visions are blurred and voices are weak. Tears rolled down again and I kept on praying. Is it only when you are down, faced with problems, you remember God, I was asking myself that and that got me crying again. Prayer should be a everyday job. Prayers help to strengthen one's faith.

Again, as people were telling me sorry, I got weakened and I began to say "I am strong" "I am strong" and "I am strong"  in a stern voice to rekindled my strength. You see my friend, this taught me a great lesson. It taught me that we should impact when we ought to and that is now, so that we can be remembered, because in this journey called life, there is no return ticket

Now ponder and ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you want to be in the sick bed full of regrets?

2. Do you want to regret you never lived, when you reach old age?

My friend start now...
- Keep moving
- Keep impacting
- Keep acting
- Never stop improving, never stop praying and live today as if you will die tomorrow because in this journey called life, there is no return ticket. Thank you for reading! If you find this helpful. Drop your comment below.

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