Back in the days at Lagos State Model College Kankon (Lasmock). I was in S.S.S. 1, commercial class and Financial Account was one of the subject I found hard to comprehend. I failed woefully in the subject and the subject teacher was fond of motivating us by honoring those who scored 50% out of 60 with handshake. Then, my family friend scored 58/60 while I managed to score 28/60. When I got home during the holiday, I told my dad and I was embarrassed. I was even compared with her.

However, I never allowed that to demoralize me rather I challenged myself to be one of the best in Financial Account. I began to do extra study, I shortened my break time and make sure I completed all assessment in the textbook. After first term S.S.S. 2 exam, I scored exactly 50% out of 60 in Financial Account and throughout the remaining sessions I was one of the best in the subject. This character has really shaped my life, to the extent that I am not scared of failing rather it will inspire me.

Sometimes in life you will fail, don't bury your failures, let them inspire you. As a business person, student, employee, athlete you would fail at some point, but don't relent keep trying. You see, success doesn't know whether it was rainy, sunny, early or if there was hardship, it doesn't know all those things. It just wanted to know whether you showed up or not. During my NYSC days, carrying out personal community development service project, it was raining heavily while I was packing sand to construct the volley ball court, I didn't stop. I was moving and it became a reality.

Also, we watch T.V, watch great people, we crave to be like them but we don't want to act like them. You are not watching T.V, it is real. Whenever we sleep, we dream of bigger things but when its showtime, when the sun comes, when its time to hunt, we are no where to be found.

You see, people will look down at you but in your mind say I will, you will fall 10 times, stand up and say I will, you will feel discouraged by your failure, be bold and say I will. No matter what the obstacles, I will Yes, I will. Don't bury your failures, let them inspire you. Thank you for reading. If you find this helpful. Drop your comment below.

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