Life is a Game

Oct 6, 2016. I completed my National Youth Service Corps and I transited into another world. The world of struggle and survival. I was looking for an opportunity to play the game but I wanted to play as fast as I could, but the game of life is a process. At that time, I had so many coaches and advisers. Some said, start a business and another said get a job. I seldom find happiness in anything I do but I found one thing coming back to me and that was talking to people about life, personal development, leadership and intentional growth. I never knew I was doing that anyways. I was just doing it.

Fast forward, since I had no Job, I needed to think. The best way to think, it's when you are faced with hardship. It was a problem and I remembered, life is a game. You are the greatest gift on earth and it's left to you to play and bring out the uncommon in you. Life is a game. Imagine, you are on the football pitch, you have the ball and players around you but you fail to play. The ball represents your life, gift, career and the players around you are your team members. If you fail to play the ball, you will never score and if you try and play alone, it will never seem interesting. So, get your ball and play. Get out of your comfort zone and find the true you. You cannot play alone that's why you have players around you. Get up every weekend to attend that seminar and find your mentor. Wake up and attend that trainings and find your teammates or partner.

Life is a game, I had a pen, I had a paper, I had a phone, I had my environment where young people waste their lives, Why? They could not direct their path. I had all these things what else. I had a life and I chose a career. I found purpose and passion. I played my game. Find your game through what you have. It is all around you. Say to yourself, I will find my game with what I have. You saying this; is an attestation to your greatness. I have always said it, all you need is all you have. You reading this; is the confirmation of how I am playing my game using what I have.

Mac Jemison, America's first black female astronaut said, and I confirmed that "Greatness can be captured in one word - Lifestyle. Life is God gift to you, style is what you make of it. Please if you find this helpful. Drop your comments.


  1. I'm inspired, thank you brother. To me this is a "wakeup call". God will continue to increase your knowledge (amen)

    1. Amen. I am glad you are inspired and thank you for reading. God bless you abundantly and guide you in playing your game.


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