Favor Market - A wake up call

I noticed that anytime young people graduate from the University or complete their National Youth Service, they pray for Favour Market. I want you all to get this straight, there is nothing like favour market, the market is hard and if you aren't careful you will be displaced. I think we need to reflect on thoughts about things and prepare our mind for the bigger picture. How do you feel when everything goes easy without facing hardship? What do you feel? Nothing....ease create boredom but hardship challenges us to learn and grow. It makes us active. The favor Market you call it...is hard. You will have to prove yourself to get the favor.

How can you prove yourself in the favor Market and make it favor as you imply? By building enough capacity and adding and sharpening your skills. Then, moving with the current trends so you would not be displaced.

Also, developing great attitude and character that will take you to the point of value and make the market favor as you think. Then, creating a niche for yourself, looking for a space you can own and being the best in that space by intentionally learning and growing. Furthermore, you should be preparing to fail in the process and learn through the failure. You cannot get what you want within a seconds and it won't come to you on the platter of gold. You have to work for it and earn it.

Ultimately, possessing a great altitude, by moving with like minds and people with purpose. The issue is, they might also be struggling now but you all will be successful together. Then, if you didn't get Job. Do not blame the government or the system. Rather, find a way you can help change the system. Think outside the box and create your own world. I believe you can create what you want- Your world. Please if you find this helpful. Drop your comment below.

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