Love Yourself

You are so much beautiful and gorgeous. You are kind heartened and cheerful. You are smart and wonderful. You are uniquely different and talented. You can do great things and be the best in whatever you choose to do. You are intelligent, special and lovable. All these goes to you. That wonderful person reading this article.

You have all this things in you but you have failed to appreciate yourself. You have failed to love yourself. Before other people will love you, you have to love yourself. Care for yourself. Invest in yourself, believe in yourself and cherish yourself. Most times, we look at what people say to judge our uniqueness. We so much believe in their words that we start to look down on ourselves. Someone told you, you aren't beautiful and handsome and you begin to feel bad. People have right to their opinions and opinions from others should not make whom you are. You have the right to decide what goes in and out of you. You don't need to take in any form of negativity that will pollute your mind. People who don't love themselves are the ugly ones. It's self-love that makes you beautiful. The way you see yourself and percieve yourself. People will rant, it is normal, but you are in control of your life.

Love yourself by doing what your heart desires. I have a friend, whom no matter what, he will pursue his dream. He loves himself so much that, he invest so much in himself and at a very young age, he is already breaking barriers. When you invest in yourself, people will appreciate you and see value in you. They will want to associate with you. Love yourself unconditionally.

Never look down on you, your potential, because the way you view yourself, is the way the world will view you. Kindly do me a favor, go to a serene place and where echo is evident. Say to yourself, "I LOVE YOU" what do you hear? Say I HATE YOU.. what do you hear?  Thank you for reading!
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  1. 🙌🙌 I am inspired everytime

    1. I am glad you are. God bless you dear. And thank you for reading!


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