Move from your Comfort Zone to your Creativity Zone

I was living in a place where chickens are to find where to sleep. They got place to sleep and they were so convenient with it. So on a sudden day, they were provided with a place to sleep, a very beautiful place. And, the compartment was placed beside where they are managing but they never moved to the beautiful place. They were already used to the old place. 

Now, we humans are quite the same. We are so convenient with where we are currently staying and managing. We are so convenient at our comfort zone and we see the beautiful place beside us but we can't move in. We can't just move in Why? We never wanted to take the risk. We never wanted to move. We never wanted to stretch. All you need to do is to move. It is only when you move you can see the treasure around you. It's only when you try, you can see things. You see, when you start, you might not get it straight but as time goes on. You will begin to see things and zoom into your creativity zone and life would be better. 

Life feels good in the creativity zone because your brain is working, you are working. You cannot fight in your comfort zone because you have to follow some certain rules that would hinder progress. You have to be told to sit down without questioning why? Your reasoning is dampened and you sit like the chicken who saw the beautiful place but could not moved in, because it has been conditioned to live that way. I believe you are not conditioned to live the way you currently live. So, if you are already in the creativity zone, Congratulations but if you are still in your comfort zone and waiting for miracle or luck to take you to the creativity zone. You will have to wait forever. Great people are people who make things happen. Make things happen by bringing out your ideas for the world to see. 

You were never born poor, all you need is to try, try that method, if it doesn't work, change strategy and try again. It will surely work someday. You are a winner and I believe. Thank you for reading! Please if you find this helpful. Drop your comment below.


  1. Breathing and living in a creative zone

    1. Yeah I am glad you are in that zone. Keep moving in that zone. Thank you for reading.


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