The Pain Inspirers go through

I watched a movie and I was inspired by the young inspirer. The young boy suffered from cancer and he believed in a man, a young doctor who was working on a research to cure cancer. He said, " the doctor will help stop the pitied patients who has a results of cancer died prematurely. The boy was admitted to the Doctor's hospital. But a major ordeal struck the doctor. Hmmmm.

The doctor had an accident and became lame. He lose hope and gave up on his research. He even gave up on his profession and the young boy came to his rescue. He visited him often to challenge him to walk again. He said, "he has worked so hard to give up now." He said, "he should not think about himself but the people he wanted to help. The pitied cancer patients." He inspired the doctor often and often by telling him stories and suddenly the doctor started ordering for his books and articles relating to cancer. The Doctor started working again.

I was also struck affectionately, when a patient was dying and it was still the lame doctor that could perform the surgery. They went to him and he said he could not do it. Suddenly, the boy appeared again. He said, "You can do anything, if you believe. You are a doctor and it is what you do. Gather strength and get up." The doctor helped with the surgery through the monitor. But something sad occurred after that event. The young boy with the cancer...the young inspired gave up. He died. That same day, the doctor got strength and walked again. But upon hearing the news of the boy, the doctor was saddened as he was close to getting the cure to cancer. He yelled, called the boy's name but he was no where to be found.

The boy did something amazing, he left a letter for the man. That he believed three things will happened with the doctor. He will walk again, he will complete his research on cancer and he will find a cure to cancer. No cancer patients will be pitied again.

This story teaches us that, we have people who leave their own problem to inspire others to grow. They give hope, despite their own ordeals. In this world, we need ourselves to grow, we need each other to give hope.

We are all Inspirers in our own way.
Live to lead and die empty. Thank you for reading!

Be Inspired.
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