Be Priceless, Not a Commodity

In Marketing, a commodity is undifferentiated goods characterized by low profit margin, as distinguished from branded product. You can find commodity every where, any where and get them for any price. You can even use them anyway you like. Well, I am not here to preach Economics or Marketing. I am here to tell you the real fact. Are you a commodity or priceless? Deeply ask yourself...ask I a commodity or priceless?

A commodity can be found anywhere. Where am I? Are you always in the gambling arena or busy with laptop involving in fraudulent activities or are you busy chasing your dreams and living your purpose. I am priceless and you can't find me everywhere. I am not a commodity. Commodity is common. I am not common. I am priceless. I follow my mind and I don't do what other people do. Other people live the mediocrity life. Claim what they are not. Try to become what they are not. I don't do that. I am uncommon. Many people fake jobs just to get recognized, I don't do that. I am uncommon. Common people live a life of pretense. They pretend to have what they do not have. They often borrow dress, cars to show off. Oh...i just got this dress from the United States, whereas you bought it from iya chinedu in bend down and select. It is either you keep quiet than to tell lies. You should not be that kind of person.

A commodity will involve in prostitution and a commodity will lie for money You are not a commodity, you are priceless and that's why you go places where they are not. That's why you attend seminars and read articles to purify your mind. You are priceless. You living your life righteously means you are different from others and if you stay right to yourself, if you are disciplined and you have purpose, success will definitely look for you because you aren't a commodity, you are priceless. Thank you for reading! If you find this helpful. Drop your comment.

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