3 Days Online Mind Training held from Dec 1- 3, 2017. Mind Training 1.0

The mind training was borne out of the vision to empower and liberate the mind of people to greatness.

41 participants was accepted to the mind training 1.0 accross the country and we have representative from East Africa too.

I believe anybody can achieve greatness if they follow certain principles and do what makes the successful successful. 22 principles was crafted to hack the mind to success. These principles were crafted out from careful research and study of great people.

The subsequent post will present to us the 22 principles of hacking the mind to success.

Also, participants were exposed to mind hacking exercise and we are currently working on a tool that will help direct the mind of young people. Watch out.

Kindly find the closing remarks of the faciliator below and I believe you will get inspired.

"As I said, I believe we can all create what we want. And if you believe you can create your world. 

Get a sheet of paper and write "I will create my world" 

Keep it somewhere and check it every year...to know whether you have actually created your world. 

I want you all to believe that greatness is not meant for selected few of us...it's meant for all of us. Anybody can become great...if we actually follow this principles. 

Ensure you go through the 18 practice and 22 principles and visualize where you want to be. 

I wish us a wonderful world experience. Lifestyle is our world. 

Life is God's gift to us and style is what we made out of it."

We hope we have more participants for the Mind Training 2.0

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Empowering great minds.



  1. Muhammadulfatiu Adepeju3 December 2017 at 14:50

    The training was a rehab for me. Quite insightful!

    1. I am glad you found it worthwhile. We are pleased to have you. Thank you.


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