My first exam at the University didn't go the way I planned. I failed to read instruction and I paid heavily.

Yeah, I remember, it was HKE 105 and we were told to answer question 1 and 2 compulsorily and any other one.

I was carried away with anxiety, I never checked and thought it was answer question 1 and any other 2. And I followed my thought.

I completed the exam and submitted. After which, I was carefully checking the questions all over again and noticed I answer the questions wrongly.

I went to the ground, grabbed my cloth, bit my lip and even wanted to bury myself. I felt I should be swallowed. I was very disappointed and was low in morale. I was disappointed because I had a mark, a target but I got another chance.

I still had 6 more papers left for the semester. I shook it off and challenged myself to do better in the remaining courses. I learned my lesson and the first thing I did in the next exam was to carefully read the instruction. And to my surprise, I completed all exam. Scored C in the one I failed to read instruction. I scored A'S in the remaining and a B.

Let your first mistake motivate you. That has been one of my rule to success.

As leaders, we will make mistakes, accept it. We may get involved in the wrong negotiation that may cost our organization, accept it. Let your mistake motivate you.

Not only that, as an H.R, you may hire the wrong hands and it brought about low productivity. You were sanctioned and queried. Never get demotivated, you can do better next time.

We make mistake to learn and grow.

Let your mistake motivates you!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Adepeju Muhammadulfatiu3 December 2017 at 00:57

    ...See your mistakes as stakes in your bet for success.

    Thank you sir Kayfactor! Vous êtes merveilleux!!

    1. You are welcome brother. Thank you for reading and amplifying!


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