Career Wisdom

I believe young people find it difficult to ask for help when it comes to choosing a career and discovering purpose.

So, I was invited by Nigerian Red Cross, Lagos State Branch, Alimosho Division to talk to young people on "Career Wisdom."

I will be sharing the talking points below;

1. Career decisions are made around these three key questions. 

A. What am I good at? 

B. What is it that people tell me I am good at? 

C. What is holding me back?

2. What am I good at? 

Decisions are based on what you love- passion and what you really are/Who I am? - Reality. We often make the mistake of equating what we love to who we are in choosing a career, but it doesn't work that way. 

You might love a career today and love something else tomorrow. This resonate with your love for phone. You might decide IPhone today and Samsung tomorrow. What we love might change. 

While who we really are indicates what we can do. Our strength. For instance, are we good at speaking and influencing people?

So, we need to notice what we are good at? I.E. who we are and align it with what we love. 

Passion: I love to help people, I love to guide people, I love to inspire people and help them live a fulfilling life. 

Reality: I talk/speak, initiate, volunteer...
So, I should be a good career coach or public speaker. 

3. What is it that people tell me I am good at? 
Look out for what you often teach others naturally. 

Most times I often talk to people about leadership, career development and community service. 

I even talk to strangers and initiate discussion around this area. Whether in the commercial vehicle or any other social gatherings. 

Pay attention to those stuffs you teach people naturally. 

Look out for what advice people often seek from you. For instance, people often ask me for help concerning career advancement, purpose discovery, youth mentoring, money management, leadership and many more. And that made it easier for me to choose a career.

Ultimately, look out for the what people praise you for and commend you for. Something that you do so well.

4. What is holding me back? "I am not good enough" 98 percent of people feel they are not good enough doing what they choose to do. 

Fear and doubts clouding their emotions and not being aware of the artificial limitations. 
Artificial limitations include; Age, lack of education etc...

In conclusion, do not look for a job, find a life mission - Celeste Headlee. 

However, you don't wait and search for passion. Passion will not find his way to you on your comfort zone. You have to get on the job/work to find passion. 

Meet a need! Meet a need!

Thank you!

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