It Takes Courage

I quite agree that we all want to become great, we all want to become successful, we all want to be recognized, we all want to do amazing things, and we all want to sit with great men. 

But all these requires patience, character, discipline, persistence, and top of them all... courage. 

To become great you have to leave your comfort zone. 

I believe you all know that many great people fought against the odds to live a fulfilled life. It took some of them years...eight, ten years to breakthrough.

You have just started and you want success as bad as you breathe. It takes courage, patience, mistakes, failures, bad times, hard times, ups and downs. It takes all those things. 

The lack of patience is affecting you, the need of things has taken over your life. 
You felt others are driving the latest car, owning the biggest house in town, owning the largest company. My friend, you just need to be patient and work from the bottom. 

Sometimes, its not about what we don't have but its about knowing what we have is largely enough. 

To become great, you have to got this, a brave heart and strong faith. 

Bullshit, anybody can. Who told you, you can't? You told yourself right. 

Is I cannot do it what you say? 

Now you have to get up, wake up from the slumber and do that thing nobody else has done. 

Okay, somebody did it before, yes that was somebody, not you. Everyone has that uniqueness to create what they want. It takes courage to decide, to continue and to win. 

Today I want you to get rid of the thought that thou cannot. You can. 

I do not know if you have heard the story of the 4 minutes barrier nobody broke. 

It was said that nobody would run 1 mile in less than 4 minutes, and it was stated that man is incapable of breaking that barrier. 

There comes a great man Roger Bannister. He broke the record, after which over 20,000 of people including college athletes did the same. 

So, wake up, set that standard. 
 You are neither too young nor old to start and break records. 

Hence, to become great, you need this...courage. Everyone repeat after me "I can do it"

Be Inspired!!!

Thank you for reading!

Drop your comment below, if you find this helpful! 

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