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I recalled back in the days when I wanted to start inspirational writings. Initially, I thought of writing quotes and I had a plan of writing over 1000 inspirational quotes. 

Well, to cut the long story short, I compiled over 100 personal inspirational quotes then and I will be sharing with you all 10 out of it.  

I believe you will get Inspired, as I was inspired to write this then due to some certain occurrences that happened in my life.
I tagged this Quotes MYSELF

1. I derive Joy in what I do and that is what made me a worthy competitor and finally a winner. 

2. I like to win, I like competition, it became part of me but I have never been afraid of losing. 

3. Whenever I compete, I care about others, I engage in fair and just Competition. 

4. I compete with myself alone and that has always made me a better person.

5. Arguably, the number or failures, determine ones success. 

6. I respect elderly people and that has always made them my friend and I intelligently tap knowledge and wisdom from them. 

7. I often teach and build myself via self- correction.

8. When you have a good heart, every place in the world becomes your home. 

9. To lead, you have to learn how to be led and volunteer for causes without expecting nothing in returns. 

10. Pretenders and haters often wear the mask of being very loyal. Be wary of them. They are literally called the Zombies and Vampires. 

Thank you for reading! 

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