Who am I to inspire you?

Most times I inspire myself reading other peoples articles, quotes and books.

Sometimes, I attend lectures, summits, listen to motivational speakers and other times I watch inspirational videos.

They inspire me and last week I attended a summit, I was overly inspired and I started reviewing my dreams.

I began to inspire myself. Yes, we need inspiration to keep our dreams in check but no matter the inspiration, you are in the best position to inspire yourself.

Inspire yourself through your vision, passion and dreams.

Make mistakes in achieving your dreams, fail in achieving your dreams, learn in achieving your dreams and you will serve as inspiration to you.

You know sometimes when I fail, I look at myself and said "Kayfactor, you can't just give up now".

Many times, I even laugh over it and tell myself, watch me and see how I will succeed.

Get on your feet, break records, overcome your worse fear and serve as inspiration to you and others.

I was checking my Facebook wall to check my previous write ups and I was inspired by me. My write ups teaching and educating me.

Then, I paused and reflected again, I thought of the quote which says "Your dream is enough to inspire you" if your dream cannot inspire you, that means your dream isn't big enough.

Let's take for instance, Thomas Edison, this man failed one thousand times, trying to create the bulb and you just failed once, you are crying and you want to give up.

My friend you can't just give up now. Let your dream inspire you and let the you in you inspire you. Get out of your shell, make yourself proud, break records and at the end laugh at your failures and call yourself a champion.

Who am I to inspire you?
I rest my case.

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