The Difference Between Hustling and Suffering

It is very common that most people misinterpret hustling for suffering.

Hustle means to put a lot of effort into one's work, one's dream, one's vision and one's passion, while suffer means  to undergo hardship or pain.

I often watch most people suffer and termed it as hustle. Nigerian youths even go to the extent of terming YAHOO YAHOO(duping of white men overseas) and Gambling (Naira bet, baba ijebu) as hustling.

Hustling is when you constantly fight your mind, fighting it everyday and telling it, it isn't over, telling it you would not give up despite putting all efforts.

I wake up every morning to think about my dreams and vision, I fight my mind every now and then towards achieving it. I hustle for my vision.

In the process of hustling, you may think of negativity because you ain't seeing results but keep fighting until you get it.

Sometimes, you may get beaten by your Dreams/Vision, do not give up, stand up and be strong.

The reason why most people suffer is because they have failed to chase their passion, dreams, vision, and connect with whom they really are.

They are busy searching for happiness in the wrong places.  They work so hard without direction.

Imagine a labourer who work so hard daily but on receiving his wages, he spent it miserably.

Some will even go to the extent of toiling the dirt for money, but at the end, they find it difficult to come up with meaningful investment.

If you suffer for your dreams, go through pains for your passion or hardship for your vision, it is okay because you cannot be suffering for nothing.

Fellas, you may be hustling now but don't worry, a time will come when you will be buzzing. Denzel Washington said and I quote "Ease is the greatest threat to progress than hardship, ease is the greatest threat to progress than hardship".

Will Smith also said and I quote in his voice " This is what I believe and I am willing to die for it".

Anytime I fail or fall, I look at myself and say "Kayode, is that all you got". Friends, keep moving, keep learning, keep believing.... See you at work.

Hustle for a reason and do not suffer for nothing... Hustle for a reason and do not suffer for nothing...

Hence, be wise.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. This has awaken my falling spirit. I'll keep moving but not to suffer.

    1. Thank you very much for reading Newton! I am glad this wakens your spirit!


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