I believe

There is something I always believe in that you can create what you want.

You can become great and you can do it.

All you need to do is to try and just start.

If you do not start, you will wait forever and you may start to regret it when you find yourself in the sick bed.

I could recall around April this year, I was rushed to the hospital, I cried, I thought of death and I was asking myself, "would I really make it?" and I did made it.

I came through and I was strong. I could reminisce I was shouting I am strong on my way to the hospital, I was saying I would not die and I was just thinking about the impact I am yet to make.

But there was one thing that kept me on in the sick bed, the will to win, the will to overcome illness, the will to succeed and the will to keep impacting.

It may sound funny to you. I was brought a book and pen by a friend and I wrote. I was writing right from the sick bed and posting via my social media handles. I couldn't bear it just lying in that bed without doing nothing.

That was what I love to do, to liberate and help others to succeed. Passion kept me on and I fought a great battle. A battle that can only be won through faith and consistently believing in God.

I did not fight that battle alone, my friend did, my family did, and we all did.

I left the sick bed and following was a message from YALI West Africa that I had been selected for the interview. I took the interview but I was not selected for the training, I failed.

For me, ain't scared of rejection anymore because the will to impact is larger than myself.

Before the rejection I was already working on Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy~ KLCA and now it is a reality.

Guys, no matter how much you have failed, never give up on you, never ever give up.

Be strong for you, be strong for the world.

Fight your mind constantly to become what you want to become, stand tall and rise above all circumstances.

For me, I see life has a puzzle and only those who can unlock the puzzle own the key to it.

Sometimes, people run away from it, people give up on the long run but I will not.

I believe success start from believing and then acting. I am strong for my dream, my passion, vision and I will not give up on it.

I don't know what hardship or pain you are going through currently but please, Never Give up. Keep believing.

I have scars, I have wounds but I have to keep working on it because if I don't heal myself, I can't heal others.

If I can't overcome my failures and get through it. How would I help others?

So keep believing.

Keep believing.

I believe! I believe! I believe you will make it!

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