Get Into the Environment

Most times, people ask me, "how do you get inspired to keep writing? Where do you get your inspiration from? 

So, I have decided to answer those numerous questions through this article. 

First, you are inspiration on your own, so you don't need to look elsewhere searching for it. 

Second, when you get into your being, inspiration comes to you naturally. As you think, so shall you be. As you act so shall you get inspired. 

I believe there is nothing bad sharing my actions and interactions. 

Then pay attention to insights, it comes like a flashlight. So if you don't grab it, it will fade out.

However, in Educational Psychology, I was taught that both the internal and external environment shape our being I.e. we are made through our innate personality, traits or the external (I.e. friends, families and the practical world). 

Often, I get inspired through my unique personality or through my positive attitudes towards things and I decided to write about it. 

Sometime, I connect with my past stories, how I was able to deal with my imperfections and shortcomings and I write. 

I believe nobody can write my story other than I do. So I often connect with my inner mind and whenever I feel it, I write. 

It may be in the bus, or at occasions. I pick up my phone and I start typing. It's just so natural. It's a feeling. 

Writing is a feeling!

I also sometime connect with the external world. I observe situations and come up with writings. 

I see and envision what is happening in my surroundings. It may be watching a child and feeling inspired. 

It may be seeing a movie and it may be observing animals. It may be from other people's story. 

The moment I just feel it I write. 

Writing is introspective and sometime retrospective. Just connect with the true you and write. 

I also get inspired from other people's writings and books that I read. 

To be a great writer, you must also be a good reader. 

Then do not procrastinate, you feel it, you write it. 

Thank you for reading! 

If you find this helpful, drop your comments below. 


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