I Say Thank You

Thank you God for the love, blessings and everything you have done in my life. 

Thank you God for those beautiful eyes you gave me to witness good and bad moments. 
Thank you for the legs. The legs I used to walk around. The leg I used in walking my destiny. 

Thank you for the hands, the hands I used in writing and liberating. 

Thank you for giving me a beautiful heart to see hope, goodness in other people's faces. 

Thank you for the ears to hear the agonies and cries of the people. 

Thank you for everything! 

Thank you for giving me the life of purpose and championing change in my community. 

Thank you for helping me overcome adversities, hardships and negativities. 

Many have given up in the journey, lose hope and are no where to be found. Thank you for always being by side. 

Thank you for the beautiful and amazing people who have always supported and cheerlead me. 

Thank you for the shining stars... Shining accros all creatures living on earth. 

Thank you for the rain, which has made the world green and produces fine crops for livelihood. The same rain served some communities who had no access to clean water. 

Thank you for the sun that shine across the crops, dry our clothes and even served as a means of energy for several productions. 

Thank you for everything!

Thank you for good health, sound knowledge, Wisdom and understanding. Some are in the hospital today, they breathe through the aid of oxygen. Some are in the psychiatric. And some don't even have a life. They are alive but dead. 

Thank you for helping us to see through humanity. 

You are what you are today, because of all the resources on earth. Entrepreneurs, Agronomist, Civic leaders and so on.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

The list is inexhaustible.

Thank God for everything! God never demands nothing from us but gives and blesses us so much! 

Why not leave what you do currently and dedicate one minute to glorify him.

Alhamdulilah (Thank you God)

Thank you for reading! 

If you find this helpful, drop your comments below. 

Photo Credit: www.istockphoto.com; www.pixababy.com

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