Get To Do List

It's very easy to set goals and action steps but its not easy to keep at it.

Well, congratulations! I just found a way of achieving my daily goals and rewarding myself for it.

And I thought I should share, so we could all benefit from it.

Though it involves discipline and crippling consistency.

To achieve your goals, yearly and monthly goals, you need to focus on what you do daily. And the best way to get things done is not by having it in the brain but by committing yourself towards doing it.

How do you commit yourself? Get a to do list.

I have a good news for you. There is an app which I have used frequently and it has really enhance the attainment of my daily goals Anydo App.

You can download

Another method is by writing it down in a book and I prefer this.

However, ensure your goals are SMART.

S- Specific

M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Realistic 
T- Time Bound

Then, keep it short and simple (KISS) so you won't be bogged by it. If you have two much task to execute, you might get tired or bored. You should also ensure you do the most important ones before the least important ones.

Another thing is; you should rate yourself at the end by 100℅.


Below is my to do list for yesterday;

1. Prepare power point presentation for a speaking program.

2. Prepare for an online lecture (transcripts)

3. Talk to team members on high school students career symposiums and mentorship.

4. Read a book (You can If you think you can)

5. Address KLCA online participants

6. Call the Director of Programs KLCA

N.B...KLCA means Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy.

Then after completing each task, I tick √. However, for this particular task, I scored 100℅ because I ensured I completed all. And some days, if I am unable to complete the task, I carried it over to the second day.

Nonetheless, if I score 100% I reward myself for it. It is either I give myself a good treat or watch a movie. As for this particular tasks outlined above, I rewarded myself by watching Suits.

The craving for watching suits will enable me to complete the task.

Moreover, I just completed the task of today, writing this article and its time to watch another episode of suits.

Get a to do list and your productivity will move from 50% - 150%.

Thank you for reading!

If you find this helpful, drop your comment below.

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