The Youthful Age

At the beginning of 2012, the world population surpassed 7 billion with people under the age of 30 accounting for more than half of this number (50.5%). According to the survey, 89.7% of people under 30 lived in emerging and developing economies, particularly in the Middle East and Africa.

Source: The World’s Youngest Populations, Euromonitor International, 2012.

United Nations Population Fund, estimates that 1.8 billion people worldwide are 10 to 24 years old.

No doubt that the youths constitute the majority of the world population and are the most energetic which expose them to greatness or atrocities. 

If youths are engaged positively, the world would change likewise if they are engaged negatively, the world would never be peaceful. 

Youths should be at the top of the leadership and be guided by the older ones. 

Why should youth take leadership position? 

They are resourceful.

They are great communicators.

They are innovative.

They are good at networking (have a lot of connections).

Despite all these great attributes of youths, why are youths involved in negativities and atrocities? 

1. Youths are idle

They are unemployed, they lack capacity and majority have no purpose. And it's said, "an idle hand is a devil man's workshop" if youth had nothing doing, they will involve in negativity. They will be used as instruments for evil act. 


Youth should engage themselves through reading books, writing, volunteering, learning, capacity building and teaching. 

The moment you engage yourself, you won't be able to think of those negative stuffs. Imagine you took courses online or read different books for about six months, you must have covered a lot and be drenched with knowledge. 

2. Youths are faraway from the older

Nowadays, youth do not want to be found with the older ones. They detest them so much and that is one of the cause of their setbacks. 


Integration is key to development. The older ones have been in your shoes before. They have been unemployed before and they found a way of dealing with such situations. So when you move with them, you learn a lot. But, be careful of the kind of elders you roll with. Use your common sense. 

Hence, the old must not leave the young. Talk to them often, if you fail not to do anything, you will face the consequences. 

The young too must not leave the old. We need each other. We need the old to suppress the exuberance. 

3. Circle of Friends

The problem facing youth of today is the kind of people they roll with. The kind of people you roll with, will determine the kind of place you roll too. 

So, who are you surrounded with? They determine where you go. You will surely do what your friend does. Its just like a perfume. You know a perfume smells nice. When you sit around where it is sold, what happen with you, you will smell nice too. 

When you roll with good friends, friends with purpose, you will also have purpose.


Move with positive friends and review your friendship if it isn't leading you to positivity. 

4. Youth felt they lack freedom and misuse it


More education, enlightment and orientation. 

"Our freedom should not affect the lives of others; our freedom should liberate souls" 

Thank you for reading! 

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