Hammed Kayode Alabi was deployed to Edo State for his National Youth Service Corps Programme in 2015 batch B. As a problem solver and a lover of humanity, I carried out six Personal Community Development Services (CDS) projects and badged the NYSC Edo State Governor's Award at the end of my service year.

I was posted to a village “Ekpon Community”, Igueben Local Government, in the  State.  I discovered that they were faced with many challenges and I provided solution to some by constructing a Standard Volleyball  Court; provided five hand washers and buckets to schools; trained over 200 students on first Aid; carried out a Career Guidance Programme; introduced social clubs like the Debating Club, Drama Club and Press Club.

In addition, I organized an  Exercise Awareness Programme/Health Risk Assessment Skills.

All these will inform the points I will be sharing with you readers and they are clearly my experiences in the  executing of the various projects.

First, I will say, no single tree can make a forest. With this the need to work with people remains paramount. Carrying out the projects enhanced my human resources skills as I was able to work with diverse personality. At first, I got supports from a friend, brother and motivator "Yomi Haleem" who helped in correcting and proof reading my proposal. After which I submitted to  the Local Government Inspector (LGI) and it was scrutinized and approved.

I also met with the village heads concerning the projects and they attested their supports. Working with some set of loyal students was a great factor in my success as they were my strengthen after God during my service year. I did hired two bricklayers and together we served as labourers for the project.

Nevertheless, I sort advice from fellow Corps members and colleagues and the advices were really instrumental.

Ultimately, my pitching skills was improved alongside with my human relationship skills.

Ability to utilize material and non – material resources: I expended about $700 and plus, but most of the resources were gotten from the community. I packed a tipper and half sand from the community that is,there was no need to purchase needed material like sand, as students and colleagues helped in packing of sands. We packed almost 100 wheelbarrows of sands and we faced few challenges from  villagers. They usually claim I have to pay for the sands.  So, I calm them down and negotiate with them. The sands were used to construct the volleyball court. I also got donation from the King, his Chiefs, Ekpon Development Union Presidents

Planning, starting from simple to complex projects:  the reason why most fail to execute or complete projects is because they have failed to plan. I made sure I completed the smaller projects before the bigger ones. Achievement of smaller projects tend to give you the necessary confidence needed for the bigger ones.

May I say at this point, that I started with the introduction of social clubs in my Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) with the help of teachers and fellow Corps members. Later moved to the execution of the First Aid training with improvised bandages which were made from my bed sheets and pieces of cloths from the fashion designing shops,  and then provided hand washers, and was so much engrossed in career guidance programmes.

Not to leave any unsaid, the Exercise Awareness Programme/Health Risk Assessment and construction of volleyball court were the last I executed.

Setting timelines was a great key to my successes as, I planned for 7 days to complete the volleyball court construction and I was short of man power. So within the 7 days I was able to hire 2 Bricklayers, convinced three to four Corps members to join the cause and I and three students who served as laborers. This helped my completion of this court within the 7 days. It aslo be noted that availability of resources helped out, as I paid laborers and completed the projects. Normally, the construction should have been a  three (3) days job but I made arrangement for the unforeseen and workers payment which made me extend it to 7 days.

To be objective, courage, commitment and leadership by example was another key to my successes as, I never for once looked on anyone to be more important in the process. I fetched water, packed sand, carried cements and many other odd jobs and that motivated people to supporting me.

To say that I was never discouraged is to deceive myself and all my readers, students and mentee as I almost gave up at a time but something kept on pushing me: the passion to solve problems. This is because, I was called all sorts of names, some said am I the presidents of the nation but I kept on moving. At a point in time the students helping me said they were tired of packing sands, I collected the shovel, wheel barrow and I started doing it myself. They were moved by my commitment and I was relieved.

Penultimately, we youths can create a better world through smaller projects: smaller projects would turn out to be bigger projects. I would tell you it wasn't easy and it won't get easy but the struggles input in a project will always worth it at the right time.

I was rejected, criticized, embarrassed, and I still made it. If I can, you can and we can. Through my NYSC projects, I learned project management skills, communication skills and first hand managerial experience. In the recent interview I had with Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiatives (CYFI), I was able to share my experience about the projects and how I leveraged on resources towards achieving it.

Ultimately, there is something I am always happy about after the completion of my NYSC project, I see people utilizing the projects I constructed and laid down legacy for Corps members serving in that village.

To use as an end note:
I won't stop in the problem solving race as I have not started the race yet.

Author: Hammed Kayode Alabi (Kayfactor)

Edited by Daniel Abdul


  1. wow! bravo you did a great job!

  2. I am highly inspired. I am planning to execute project in LGA also, this has motivate me more.

  3. This will serve as a motivation and push to not just be Corp member but one who is driven to make change.
    Thank you sir! You inspire always!

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