Get a life

Hey! Get a life!

Somebody told you this and you are figuring out what to do. You begin to think and you still cant figure it out.

Some even bypass the message and get a job for meager amount. Does that give you life? No! 

However, you can get a Job that helps you fulfill your life mission. You feel happy and derive pleasure doing in it. You do not really have to watch the clock. The job energizes you! 

But to be sincere, why do we search for purpose in the wrong places? We disturb ourselves too much trying to become who we were not born to be. 

We tend not to focus on our natural potential and we often work in our weaknesses, building the wrong brand. 

We look down on the superstar inside us. We never tried to figure out the best thing we can do. We cry cry cry everyday about the decision we have power over. 

Sometime most people tell me I don't know what do. I am idle but there is purpose in idleness. I found purpose in idleness. There are two things about idleness, its either it mar you or make you. 

It's the period where your brain works the more and you think the more. However, you have the power to your thinking. 

During this period, you will attract negative thoughts as well as positive, but you possess the right to entry of any of the two. 

At a time, I was idle, no job and purpose. I got the negativity but I dealt with it through prayers and divine guidance. Likewise, positivity knocked at the door and I embraced it. 

The positivity was talking to me, it said to me in a low voice, why don't you start writing and I started to write to liberate...and that was how I found purpose through the pen. 

If you are reading this and finding it difficult to get a life, just take it easy and let the positivity in you take over. Give it room to flow through your mind.

Hmmm...Get a life, find the reason to live, the purpose to live...find a career and create a living through it.

If you find this helpful, kindly drop your comments below. 
Thank you for reading!


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  1. Always productive. Kudos to you kayfactor. May the good Lord increase you in knoweledge.

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