Goals That Made The Difference Was Scored By The Tenacious

Some weeks ago, I noticed some kids
playing football in the neighborhood.  I went close to watch and I observed It was a game between some young folks(Age 6 - 10) vs teenagers (Age 13 - 16). 

The teenagers were leading by 3 goals and the young folks had 0 (3-0). But, I was surprised by the tenancity and attitude shown by this young folks. They believed they could come through despite losing. In a nutshell, they started defending so well and attacking in mass. They scored one, two and got the equalizing goal. It was amazing! 

All of a sudden, the teenagers became confused, started blaming each other and lose team spirit. The younger folks continue to strike and hammered in the fourth and fifth goal. I think that was when I stopped watching the game. 

However, I learned some few lessons watching that game and I will like to share with you; 

1. Some of us after defeat, we give up and stop trying. Winning means when you keep trying until you win. Some of us have faced rejections and gave up on our dreams. We think of the humiliation that comes with rejections without thinking about the dream and goal. Those young folks forgot the humiliation and kept trying until they won. Defeat should be a motivation to winning. 

2. Be Aggressive: Even after equalizing, they didn't stop. They continued to attack. Scored the fourth and fifth goal. Some of us after winning, we forget to set new goals and live on our past glory. After you win, set new goals and keep smashing it. Those young folks did that. 

3. Small wins propel you to bigger wins: After scoring the first goal, I could see the energy in this young folks. They believed they could hit bigger wins. Small wins give you a sense of bigger ones. 

4. Find Strength in Defeat: Strength is when you think you can't go no more but you keep going anyway. It is in defeat that we know the true warrior. Yes, you didn't meet the sales target today, you can tomorrow. You were rejected for the interview today but you can own a business empire or rise to become a top manager of another company tomorrow. Be like those kids, who kept fighting to win their future. They scored two extra goals. 

5. Be wary during the winning times: At the point of winning, you may want to get convenient with it and that might be the beginning of downfall. The teenagers were convenient with the score at 3 - 0 but when the young folks equalized, they had problem within. They started fighting each other, the same way you will be fighting yourself when you get convenient with winning and you start losing. Don't blame yourself. Think solutions and move forward. When you win, don't stop there, continue to build strength and wax stronger. 

6. Do not blame during difficult times: After many ups, a down might show up. Don't blame people. When you blame, it breaks trust and causes confusion. When things go bad, trust the team and focus on the goal and solution. Through that you create loyal people and supporters. 

Ultimately, the goals that makes the difference are scored by the tenacious. 

I know you are currently either going through Ups and Downs. Find strength in both situations and continue to wax stronger. 

Thank you for reading 

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  1. Oduwole Oluwasegun30 March 2018 at 18:10

    100% helpful, impacting,inspiring, motivating and educative. I admire your intelligence and delivery; no doubt, this is straight forward and thought provoking and had also taught me not to give up on myself nor my dreams. Thanks a lot and I pray that God increase you the more! You shall break bounds and become successful. #wearwtogetherforsuccess✌��

    1. Thank you for reading! I am glad you found it helpful.

  2. Hmmmmm, that's an awesome motivation. Thanks for sharing.

  3. very inspirational ,this one lifted my spirit.

  4. This write up is great. Continue the good work.

  5. Paul Okporuanefe30 March 2018 at 23:28

    Nice bro.. thumbs up


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