Lessons in the Real World: Fresh Graduates Experience

After my graduation at the university, I went with all hope to enjoy the glitters of life. Get a good Job and enjoy. But unfortunately, I was disappointed by the real world. I mean the real world. I will be sharing with you guys especially fresh graduates, the lessons in the real World.

First lesson - Many people will promise you but you will be disappointed.
I have seen many people who had been promised by their uncles or aunts or by their very close pal...that they will get them a Job if they had a Second Class upper or better still Second Class Lower. You get on the euphoria to get the promised job and the next thing would be,  if you had had a first class, you would have got the Job. You sure leave with all hope lost...but as a fresh graduate, always get ready for many disappointment.

Disappointment aren't there to break you but to make you! 

I knew this right from the onset and I started getting involved in many things towards finding my path. Volunteering, writing and capacity building such as attending seminars. In this process you will find the industry that best fits you considering your skill sets and talents. 

Second Lesson -  What value can you bring to the table? The best question to you as a fresh graduate!

Get it straight, you might have the best academic grade or be the best students and combined with many certificates. If you have no value to offer, you will find it difficult to grow. We now have specific online courses that can help you become aware of what is happening in this generation. You have to be so good in Digital skills, most people now use social media to promote their brands. 

Also, you have to develop your leadership skills, be an avid reader and keep building more than enough capacity. 

I knew recently that leadership is about sitting at the table and the criteria of sitting at the table is to prepare, add value and show up when you sit at the table. More importantly, knowing that what you have and know is what is currently needed, so speak your truth

So, many of us have this skills but we don't know how to communicate it probably due to fear and doubt. But no one would know you if you fail to speak your truth. 
Know that you are what you have right now! So be proud of it! 

When I say prepare? What do I mean? You do not attend programs, seminars and workshops without having what you do. So my advice for you, is who are you? What do you want to do? 

So, if I ask you now, what do you do? What will be your response? This is how you get the damn Job you have been waiting for.

Third Lesson: I do not have a robust C.V and I am not qualified for the Job! One of the mistakes we make is that we disqualify ourselves before even getting the Job. We say we don't have enough experience where as, you were the course representative of your class and you manage some money being the course rep. So you can say I manage 100,000 thousand to carry out a particular project. This is how you communicate your leadership potential. 

Some of us serve in the Students Union Capacity and we did a lot of stuffs but we find it difficult to communicate it. Some of us even have involved in several community service projects. Such as cleaning the neighborhood and many more. 

So my advice for you is to take leadership role early enough. 

Today, I mostly talk about my experience in the educational field. I have over 7 years of experience as an educational practitioner. I started teaching at the age of 15. 

Same with volunteering. I joined Nigerian Red Cross many years ago. At least, I have five years experience in the non- profit sector. I run a Leadership and Career NGO! I manage projects and many more. This is how you communicate your leadership potential. 

So, speak your truth! You are what you have right now. Then, keep learning and developing on the long run.  

Fourth Lesson: You cannot be caught doing nothing! 
When I couldn't get a Job, I resulted to writing and volunteering. This enabled me to meet a lot of people even if I am not getting paid for it. But, I was feeling a sense of reward. Doing this will add value to you, others and you will be able to communicate your passion to people. 

The right job might be waiting for you through what you do when you have nothing

Never and ever stay idle. I was asked in a previous interview that what do I do at my leisures? I said I volunteer and I share articles through my blog. This is also an opportunity to communicate your skills and passion. So speak your truth!

If you find this helpful, drop your comments below. Thank you for reading. 

Photo Credit: www.istockphoto.com
Edited by: Daniel Abdul



  1. This is beautiful, sir. Thanks a lot.

  2. Remarkable encouragement. May God bless you.

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