I Want To Be The Best

After delivering a powerful speech at a program, where I shared how I coped with failure and manage my perceptions whenever I fail.

A young girl came to me and asked, how do I be the best in everything that I do and how do I stand out differently.

I shared a bit of my story with her. Probably if she would be inspired. I said to her, "I took 40th position out of 50 students during my first year in high school.

It was a terrible period of my life. I couldn't face my Dad and he was disappointed in me. But one thing distinguished me from other people who have failed. I wasn't disappointed in myself. I was positive about it and I felt I never did some things right.

During the second year, I changed my circle of friends, I inculcated good reading habits and my results went up.

Yeah, I took 25th position out of 50. I added more efforts and I began to improve unconsciously.

I could recall, one of the teachers said, " Kayode, you have improved greatly, Congratulations."

That statement pushed me to do more and learn more.

I wasn't the best student as at that time but I had a winning mentality.

Moving forward, getting into the university, I did some certain things that distinguished me from my peers.

I made research about my course of study. I study when others are sleeping, even if it is just for 30 minutes. Click to read my article on "30 minutes made the difference" http://www.kayfactorinspires.com/2017/11/30-minutes-made-difference-30-minutes.html?m=1

I ensured I read every lecture notes after the class. And, I teach others what I have l learned or research about. It serves as revision for me and I don't forget.

I also set questions as I study, that enables me to test myself before the main exams.

I did all these and I became the best.

I left her with some salient points and I am leaving you too with those points;

1. Take responsibilities for your life and see possibilities/positivity in every situation.

2. Preparation is key to any successful endeavor. It gives you an edge above others who have failed to do so.

3. Your circle of friends matter a lot. They determine where you go to. The kind of person you roll with will determine the kind of place you roll to.

4. You will never be crucified for trying. It may not work for you but try, you will figure something out and create what works for you.

5. You are not the majority. What is considered as norm to them might different from yours. Create your own strategy and choose to be extraordinary. You don't do what others are doing, because you may get what others are getting. You have to be different.

6. Greatness lies in helping others. Teaching others what you know or learned gives you an edge in life. You know more and you are touching lives. They will not forget you.

7. Recognize small wins and celebrate it. Small wins lead to the bigger ones.

Be the best you can ever be! The sky is wide enough... Keep soaring!

Thank you for reading!

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Photo Credit: Pixababy.com
Edited by: Daniel Abdul. 



  1. Wow! Learnt some things to implement on self. Thank you Kay!

    1. Thank you for reading! I am glad you found it helpful.

  2. Hmmmhmmm it's not over untill it's over. The words of wise

  3. Nice article with a lot of lessons it, I didn't realise I had finished the page until the end


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