Summary of my Interview on how Young People in Nigeria can access Opportunities - Eko Fm 89.7

I was so engrossed in the show that I forgot to take pictures. Lol! It was an amazing moment at the Leadership Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow show (LYLT), a Radio Leadership and Mentorship Program for Youth, Eko Fm 89.7.

Caption: picture of my previous session at Eko 89.7 Fm.

I was interviewed by Ismail Ali Balogun on how young people can access opportunities that will enable them to catalyze change.

Here are some of the points discussed;

1. Before applying for any opportunity, think about your capacity for that opportunity. Look out for the eligibility and communicate your leadership potential in a concise manner. Often people find it difficult to communicate their leadership potential.

Here are ways you can;

- Think about a time where you led in High School, University or National Youth Service or Even, your volunteering experience. For instance, I was the mosque Prefect in secondary school and I supervised about 30 students during morning duties to ensure that the surroundings of the mosque is clean, tidy and attractive. So, I am challenging you to lead early.

However, its never too late to start. Lead from where you are and lead for a reason. Be genuine, you shouldn't start volunteering because you want to get into that fellowship. You must have a reason. Probably, you want to develop a skill, or you want to participate in solving a peculiar or community problem.

I started applying for programs/fellowships towards the end of 2016 and I learned through my rejections. However, as I continue to build capacity through seminars, personal development blogs and previous experience of fellows. I learned how I can communicate my story and potential. So, my previous experience such as NYSC project, Volunteering created a way for me to easily communicate my passion in the programs I was accepted into.

- Think of a time you presented a paper that brings about awareness on a specific needs, issues or problem.

- Think of a time you use advocacy to push for policy change. Or a time you voluntarily worked with other people to clean and pack the dirt in your neighbourhood.

2. You should never stay idle, you should be doing something. So, you might be asked to describe your current Job. If you are a volunteer, passionately talk about your roles. And your achievements working in that role. E.g.  I was in charge of publicity and I generated lead that brought about 250 participants to the event.

3. Be bold and speak your truth. Do not lie, opportunities come to those who stay truthful and credible about their track. Also, share your work on Social Media to create more awareness. You never can tell who is interested in your work. And, sometime people might want to do a background check and they go on  Google to find out about your personality.

4. Use no's and percentage to communicate outcomes. Again, be truthful. Don't lie about your numbers.

5. When you get this opportunities, develop capacity, network and think of collaboration. Also, think of how you can localize some of the ideas you get from the programs. And, give back, empower others. Create ripple effects. Then, do not look down on any programs. Continue to attend and take courses online to build capacity. Seminars, Books and Online courses are great ways to learn.

Caption: Victoria Ibiwoye, UN Youth Ambassador; Founder of One African Child  with the Dalai Lama.

6. Develop your writing, speaking, listening and reading skill (Communication skills). You might be losing out big time if you are unable to write essays, communicate during interviews and listen to the interviewers, who are often not from your country.

7. Find the link to some of these opportunities and also where you can access some of these opportunities;






Guys...Best of luck in your endeavours. I look forward to reading your success stories.

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